DirSync is a program for flexible and powerful management of files and directories - you may become the master of your hard disk - you can really to operate it!
The Window - purposed for calling other windows:
The Window ControlCenter   - and you will never face the situation of unexpected shortage of free disk space - DirSync will carry out vigilantly monitoring, write down the history of your file system and draw diagrams of occurrence or removal or changing of files, at reduction of free space below the certain limit - to start operations on removal or moving of directories, start of archivers or will send you a mail with the warning, or will start a sound file

You always can construct Top20 - the top twenty of files or directories of the oldest, the newest or the biggest - and on the spot to delete or move them.
The Window GroupSync    - if you have to transfer working files and folders every day from a disk to a disk or to a mobile carrier, to open several folders, to move and remember "whether I have overlooked something or not ", now this problem is also solved, only once you have to adjust group of synchronization and further all complex and (or) long moving of files will be made by one button pressing either under the schedule, or upon termination of the file editing, and about the termination of the DirSync process you will be informed by sound signal or by E-Mail message

Tools of comparison of directories which you saw before in many file managers allowed to compare the directories only in pairs - now you have the tool, allowing to compare any quantity of directories by the set of criteria simultaneously, to remember all adjustments of comparison so that subsequently easily to use them repeatedly, to copy or move files individually to each of directories according to patterns, to work with tens thousand files simultaneously - quickly and conveniently.

You should not worry about presence of different versions of your working project - at copying DirSync will rename the folder of old versions, leaving in an actual condition the most updated version and if you do not have any place on the mobile carrier, folders can be renamed cyclically by FIFO principle - the newest version of a file or a directory will be added in the cycle, and the oldest will be deleted, all intermediate will be renamed consistently.

The insidious Hackers and viruses will not ba able to modify or remove your system files imperceptibly - DirSync will learn about it on the spot, will write down into the log and will start process of their replacement by the backup copies with simultaneous replacement of extensions - only do not forget to buy it, install and adjust preliminary.
The Window TwinExplorer    - is the most convenient tool for daily work with files and directories, it is much faster and more convenient standard than the Windows explorer. The Window It allows:
  • To remember the elected ways and at once by one command (one click or pressing of the keys combination) to get into the necessary point of the disk.
  • To make lists of relocatable objects and then move them by one command at that you will have the detailed list of objects with marks about successful or unsuccessful moving to see the course of process, and the degree of its completeness.
  • To appoint short commands to start any other appendices.
  • To rename groups of files.
  • To move files and folders to the recycle bin of Windows or to delete them absolutely, that is much faster.
  • To carry out the filtration of lists contained to directories by names, extensions, and types of objects and dates of their creation.
  • To see statistics of the open directory contents on availability of all unique extensions and dates of the objects changing.
  • To avoid the necessity of opening at once several windows of Windows to move files - as there are two trees of directories at once and ClickList, which may accumulate the various chosen ways and then to execute various actions under the list.

The Window Log    - will write down all actions on files moving, and changes in the file system and also the problems which have arisen at it, it is only just by your desire.
The Window Customize    - will allow you to adjust the appendix for more convenient work.